Farm labor contracting done better

Our network of experienced workers and solutions help farms increase productivity, comply with H-2A regulations, and manage their workforce.

What SESO does

  • Better Recruiting

    Access ethically sourced H-2A workers with the crop-specific experience you need. Increase seasonal labor productivity.

  • H-2A Visa Automation

    Streamline the H-2A process with our automated service. Track every step of visa applications and receive live notifications. No more holdups.

  • Workforce Management

    Stay compliant with changing H-2A regulations. Save time with digital HR processes. Report incidents at the touch of a button.

How it Works

  1. Create Work Order

    Tell us about your seasonal labor needs - when you need workers, where you grow, and what experience you're looking for. We'll find the right profiles for the job.

  2. Automate H-2A visa

    Share previous H-2A applications or answer a few questions so we can automate your visa application. Easily track your application. We'll notify you with updates.

  3. Manage Workforce

    Create worker profiles, assign housing, schedule crews, track performance, and communicate with foreman. Get insights that help you increase productivity.

  4. Stay Compliant

    Digitally track and report HR incidents, trainings, injuries, and more. We'll guide you to ensure you're following H-2A regulations. Focus on output, not lawsuits.

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