FAQs and


H-2A Visa Overview

What is an H-2A Visa?

What is meant by “temporary or seasonal in nature”?

Why is the H-2A program growing so much?

Visa Application Overview

What steps are involved in securing a H-2A Visa?

When do I need to file for the visa? How long does the application process take?

Can I extend existing H-2A workers’ contracts?

How much does the visa application cost?

Hiring and Managing H-2A Workers

What is the wage rate for H-2A and what other expenses are involved?

What happens when a H-2A worker absconds?

Compliance FAQs

How often do audits occur?

How do I prepare for an audit?

How will I know the result of an audit?

What benefits do I need to provide to corresponding U.S. workers?

What happens if an H-2A Worker is terminated?

What are the Record Keeping Requirements for H-2A? 

Covid-19 FAQs

Will DOL's OFLC permit requests for extensions to deadlines or make other reasonable accommodations for employers and/or their authorized attorneys or agents impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Does workers’ compensation cover COVID-19?

What about H-2A housing and quarantine?

Do workers need to be tested?

Where can workers be tested?

Does SESO provide testing?