The first end-to-end H-2A management platform

You provide us with everything we need to manage the entire H-2A visa application in a simple, intuitive, online flow.

Our Process

Seso creates an online Seso account for the employer. If the employer has participated in H-2A before, Seso will pre-fill the online application with information consistent with previous years’ applications.

The employer will complete the intuitive, online application flow in Seso’s website.

Seso files all Visa applications (Form 790A, Form 9142, I-129). You can track the status of your application in our app.

Seso helps recruit workers for your job, handles all consulate services and transportation.

Digitally onboard your workers (I-9, W-4, Job Contract, etc.) and review all signatures and worker documents (passports, visas, I-94 cards etc.) in the Seso App.

Stay on top of compliance through our Compliance Feature which tracks documents needed for Department of Labor Audits

Track the status of your H-2A contract

Seso provides real time visibility and updates regarding key dates in your H-2A Contract. Receive automatic updates when the status of your application changes, and when action is required on your end.

Stay on top of Compliance

Seso automatically stores documents needed for Department of Labor audits in our compliance tool.

No more physical signatures and filing cabinets

Seso captures all worker documents and signatures digitally and stores them in our easy to use app