FinTech Product Intern

Part time

The Role

We are building full-stack HR software for agricultural employers, including the ability to run payroll directly through Seso. We believe that financial tools are essential to scaling any vertical SaaS company, and we have our eye on accelerating the adoption of financial services amongst workers on our platform, the vast majority of which today are paid with physical checks and lose a significant percentage of their salary to payday lenders and remittance fees.

We are looking to bring on a part-time intern or consultant with a Fintech background to research and develop a project proposal for Seso to bank workers on its platform.

You'll report directly to our co-founder and head of product and will also work closely with our CEO. As an intern focusing on one of the company's key initiatives, you will have unparalleled opportunity for ownership and growth at an early stage company and the opportunity to come on as a full time employee.


Specific responsibilities will include:

  • Determining which 3rd parties we integrate with for banking infrastructure and card issuance
  • Creating and presenting relevant case-studies to our leadership team
  • Researching how to ensure rapid adoption of financial services amongst a previously unbanked population
  • Modeling different economically viable adoption scenarios
  • Interacting with Seso customers (farms) and farm workers to inform proposals

Additional projects could include researching payroll, insurtech, and remittance solutions.


SESO has excellent medical, dental, and vision insurance plans for full-time employees. We have a strong community at SESO and are always looking for employee-led initiatives for the company. Currently, we have a sponsored book club, frequent virtual team events and virtual happy hours. Although we are still early stage, we are always seeking ways to invest in the long term health, wellness, and continued education of our employees.


  • You love figuring things out - through creativity and analytical horsepower, you take on complex, challenging problems with a smile on your face. You are the fixer, the problem solver, the person the gets the hard stuff done.
  • You create order out chaos! You help organize and simplify not only for yourself but for others. You're the person everyone wanted on team projects. You're the (unsung) hero who keeps all balls in the air and makes sure all the important tasks never fall through the cracks.
  • You have 3+ years experience working on Fintech products and/or infrastructure

Bonus points

You have 3+ years experience working on Fintech products and/or infrastructure - bonus points for expanding financial services to a previously unbanked population.