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About SESO

SESO is building the first end-to-end recruiting and workforce management platform for the agriculture industry. For years American farmers have complained of the labor shortage, which has become especially dire over the last 5 years. Each year billions of dollars worth of crops rot in fields across America because there is no labor to pick them. Farming is one of the hardest, and most physically tolling jobs on the planet. The generation of farm workers that came to the U.S in the 70s and 80s to work in America’s fields have started to retire, and these workers have steered their children away from the fields and into other professions. More and more, farms are relying on guest workers to plant crops and harvest our fields. These workers come here via the H-2A visa, an uncapped visa for farm workers which has grown 300%+ over the last decade.

Our goal at Seso is to help secure America’s food production system by streamlining the H-2A program via technology. We are helping farms better navigate the H-2A program, understand labor laws, and stay compliant, while also helping workers find safe and meaningful employment. Every year ~$60B is spent on ag labor, and the tools employers use to manage this workforce are antiquated and ripe for digitization.

We've raised >$4M from top VCs and are signing up new customers every week. Our passionate, close-knit team of 15 is driven by the desire to dramatically improve the lives of both agricultural employers and workers. We are embracing innovation in an old-school industry, are curious, and 'check or egos at the door'. We speak directly, demand feedback, and prize empathy. Our work is more than just a job, it is a source of meaning, a foundation for community, and well, fun!

Our investors: Founders Fund, NFX, Operator Partners

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